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Ballymaloe Yoga Retreats

with Dearbhla Glynn & Niamh Fox

Yoga instructor Dearbhla Glynn, Chef Niamh Fox, Ballymaloe House and Ballymaloe Grainstore have come together to host a series of yoga retreats. Each two-day experience will leave you replenished, inspired, nourished and at peace.

About Ballymaloe Yoga retreats:

After a stressful year, this is an opportunity to indulge in self-care. Let go of your worries while practicing yoga and meditation with Dearbhla Glynn, a teacher with 20 years of experience. Let yourself enjoy the elegant comforts of the beautiful Ballymaloe House and be nourished by delicious food mindfully prepared by Niamh Fox who has worked in Ireland’s top restaurants.

Relax with Yin and restorative yoga in the evenings and move and re-energise your body with a slow Vinyasa flow in the morning. 

Take time to savour the gardens of Ballymaloe, enjoy a castle walk, jump in the sea, or whatever releases tension and connects you with the tranquil East Cork countryside. This retreat is all about you!

All practices will also be live-streamed on zoom if you prefer to practice in your room are are suitable or all levels, from beginner to the more advanced.

Rest, relax and reset.


Monday morning 

Afternoon - free time, find a sunny spot in the garden and read a book, go for a swim at one of the many beautiful beaches close to Ballymaloe. Walk the grounds or take a tour of the Cookery School gardens.

Tuesday morning

We have many different strategies in place to follow Covid government guidelines for any eventuality. All participants will be emailed individually with details of our covid guidelines.

The morning practice 

Dearbhla will lead a warming Vinyasa flow practice in the mornings. Practicing several sun salutations with a different variations. The overall practice is slow, moving  mindfully with the breath. Holding some poses a little longer to develop strength and generate warmth in the body. We will flow through different transitions improving overall body awareness and opening the joints, while also strengthening and lengthening the muscles. The practice is slow, warming and requires some physical stamina yet it has a lovely meditative and mindful quality to it.  Dearbhla will offer modifications for any of the more challenging poses and rest is always an option! Creating an overall feeling of stillness and calm.

The second-morning practice 

This is a lovely practice which focuses on breathing, stretching and relaxing before lunch.

The Evening practices are Yin and restorative

Slow down, unwind and restore your energy with a ninety minute Yin Yoga and restorative practice, aiming to calm the mind, stretch and relax the body. This two-hour practice will create space and stillness in both the mind and body. Yin yoga targets the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones and even the joints, and releases tension and stress in the body. 

The focus is simply about letting go of stress and tension, releasing into a deep yin practice followed by a long restorative practice using bolsters and blankets so people can relax, unwind and recharge. Dearbhla will use relaxing essential oils during the restorative practice for an even more relaxing experience.

Dearbhla has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, the more she practiced she noticed how grounded and calm she was after yoga. In time the physical rewards became secondary to the mental and spiritual impact of her practice. Yoga and meditation has both become an integral part of her daily life. 

Dearbhla currently practices and teaches Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative yoga and Meditation.And she believes through the practice of yoga we can find balance, clarity and stillness of the mind.

Dearbhla has trained extensively and has vast experience teaching retreats both in Ireland and Internationally, she has been the resident teacher at the Cliffs of Moher for 4 years.  She also teaches in Little Bird and Samadhi yoga. And in 2020 and 2021 Dearbhla has been teaching online via Zoom! 

Dearbhla is very interested in healing and trauma in the body, her retreats have a focus on healing and letting go of all stress, connecting to a place of peace and calm that is always there.

For more information on Dearbhla visit

Niamh Fox hails from Ennistymon, County Clare. Having worked all over in Ireland’s top kitchens such as Kai(Galway ) Ard Bia (Galway) Cafe Paradiso (Cork)  and further afield London and New Zealand. Niamh cooked for a number of years at the highly regarded Cliffs of Moher Yoga Retreat in County Clare, this style of wholesome cooking is a great passion of Niamh’s. Up until very recently Niamh has been running her own popular restaurant Little Fox. 

In Niamh’s kitchen you will find pure, simple, and clever flavour combinations, as she brings her wholehearted cooking to the Ballymaloe Grainstore.  Here she will be plucking and gathering fresh organic food grown on the Ballymaloe grounds, intertwined with the natural rhythm of the seasons, Niamh cooks with heart and flair with the focus to replenish, nourish and restore. 


Come take sanctuary in the beautiful grounds of Ballymaloe House and Grainstore.

We promise to nurture you and create a safe space where you can rest, reflect, reconnect with yourself. Our retreats are for those of us who really want to rest and take some time out to self care, reflect, unwind and simply let go of all stress.

Ballymaloe is is a beautiful, nourishing environment,  you are in a safe and cosy cocoon of comfort, where every detail of your stay has been thought of.

All you have to do is show up and we will make sure you have a wonderful, restful stay

There is plenty of time to reconnect with yourself, move, stretch, rest and reset.

Your bedroom in Ballymaloe will be spacious and comfortable with plenty of room to practice yoga via Zoom if you would prefer not to join the group or if covid restrictions do not allow us to practice together.  

The award winning Ballymaloe Breakfast will be offered each morning in the Yeats Room with all other meals cooked by Niamh in the Grainstore.

Ballymaloe House will be opening just for the yoga retreat and will therefore not be offering their usual services.  A member of the Allen family will be present during the entirety of the retreat if you need anything. 

Ballymaloe Grainstore, as the name suggests is an old grainstore that was turned into a multipurpose venue by Rory Allen. The large airy space offers a calm light filled area for you to practice yoga in a safe and covid friendly environment.

Our cancellation policy is normally within seven days. However, due to Covid restrictions, we are not charging a cancellation fee at the moment, we would appreciate as much notice as possible should you have to cancel your reservation with us.  We are not taking deposits for this retreat, just a credit card number to secure your booking.

To Book:

Bookings can be made with Ballymaloe House on Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm on 0214652531 or by email to

If you would like more information and to chat to someone about the retreats please feel free to call Bree on 021 475 7200

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Upcoming Dates:

We will be announcing more Ballymaloe Yoga retreats in the coming days. Keep an eye on our website and social media for updates.




All prices include yoga practices, dinner, bed and breakfast as well as bath salts  in your room on arrival and tea throughout your stay. Yoga mats, blocks and blankets are also included.

As we approach the darker cycle of the year, it is a lovely time to take time out to rest, reflect and nurture yourself. Make time for yourself to recharge your mind, body and spirit, before the hectic rush of the festive season.

Traditionally Samhain ( Halloween) marked the end of the Celtic year  as it was the end of the harvest season, time to replant the seeds and prepare for the new year ahead. Metaphorically it is a time to plant the intentions or seeds for your year ahead.

We turn our attention inwards, and focus on nourishment, rest and renewal.  Letting go of the past and welcoming the new harvest year.

Dearbhla will lead a calming, grounding retreat focusing on mindfulness,  yoga and deeply relaxing Yin and Restorative practices. Naimh will nourish your body with delicious and healthy  food, using the best of what Ballymaloe Gardens have on offer.

Through the morning meditation we will nurture quiet, stillness and peace, nourishing both the body and spirit.

The morning yoga practice will focus on strengthening the muscles by working through a lovely warming slow flow, moving through different yoga postures and transitions.

In the practice before lunch, we will enjoy some breath-work, gentle stretching and relaxing.

Our evening practice will be yin yoga, opening up tired and stiff joints and eventually moving towards deep relaxation as we hold restorative poses, which calms the body, mind and the nervous system.

The end of the Autumn is a gorgeous time at Ballymaloe house and grounds, the the leaves have turned red and gold before they finally fall from the trees. We will enjoy crisp, mindful Autumn walks around the grounds, observing nature, the light and the end of the harvest season at Ballymaloe farm.

The afternoons and evenings  are for resting, maybe taking a plunge into the sea and a walk along the beach, cosying up by the fires in Ballymaloe house, reading a book or having a soak in your bathtub.

Expect a few days of nourishment and sheer bliss!


All prices include yoga practices, dinner, bed and breakfast as well as bath salts in your room on arrival and tea throughout your stay. Yoga mats, blocks and blankets are also included.  

The Inner landscape of Beauty,

A reflective yoga and meditation retreat.

‘let there be an opening into the quiet that lies beneath the chaos, where you find the peace you did not think was possible to see what shimmers within the storm’ - John O’Donoghue


Spring time is a lovely time to press pause, rest, reflect and set the tone for the next year ahead. This retreat is for those who want to self-care, connect to that sense of inner peace.This is the focus of this retreat, to calm anxious minds, creating a safe sanctuary for rest, reflection and restoration.

Every morning will begin  a beautiful meditation practice at the Grainstore

Followed by a healthy and nutritious breakfast in ballymaloe house.

After breakfast we will enjoy a mindful walk around the farm and grounds of Ballmaloe. Returning to enjoy a breath work practice followed by meditation and some gentle stretching and opening into our bodies.


After this practice there will be a healthy hearty lunch, in the afternoon there is time off, it is often a lovely time to curl up on one of our cosy couches with a book, have a bath soaked in ballymaloe lavender bath salts, jump in the sea nearby! Or cosy up for a nap. We encourage people to rest as much as possible and enjoy the beautiful surroundings the house and gardens.


The evening practice is all about letting go, we will practice restorative yoga which is calming for the nervous system and deeply relaxing for the mind and body, expect to float out of this practice.

After dinner we will enjoy candlelit yoga Nidra in the Grainstore where we relax deeply before a blissful nights sleep.


All prices include yoga practices, dinner, bed and breakfast as well as bath salts in your room on arrival and tea throughout your stay. Yoga mats, blocks and blankets are also included.