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Upcoming Workshops and Retreats

Date: 4th Limited Availability. 5th and 6th Sold Out


A Winter healing retreat 
Nourish yourself, 
Rest, relax and restore,
This retreat experience is all about you,
Take a little time out of your life, to rest, relax, and to restore your vital energy, calm the nervous system, and find peace within. 
Life can get busy and it has been a strange and very challenging year. Dearbhla and the Grainstore have come together to host a beautiful, nourishing half day retreat, which will leave you feeling relaxed, replenished and completely at peace. 
In the first practice we will practice mediation, calming breath work and gentle yoga, connecting to our breath and our bodies. 
Then we will have a break where we will enjoy some hot tea and healthy snacks and take a  mindful walk around the grounds of the stunning Ballymaloe estate.
When we return we will practice Yin and Restorative yoga which focuses on calming the nervous system, opening tired joints and releasing all tension in a deeply relaxing way, the aim of this practice is to come to a place of deep relaxation and rest.
Dearbhla will use relaxation essential oils to create a relaxing atmosphere,
Expect to float out!
Our numbers are limited and we will be applying the covod guidelines, we have enough room to social distance, 
please let us know if you are interested as places are limited. 
Here is a little about Dearbhla who will be leading the retreat,
Dearbhla has been the resident retreat yoga teacher at the Cliffs of Moher retreat in Clare for several years and has vast experience in teaching retreats.  She has taught retreats internationally also, Dearbhla is especially interested in helping people let go of stress, calming the nervous system and bringing people to a place of deep relaxation. She believes through yoga, breathwork and meditation we can calm the mind, and find peace and clarity.


Contact Dearbhla to book your place.
+353 864454404


If you are interested in hosting retreat or workshop please contact for availability and what we can offer.