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Ireland's Got Mammies

30 Mar 2014

Colm O'Regan's
Mother's Day - Sunday 30 March, 8pm
“Well, when I saw he was doing a show I got a land. And him with a degree and everything.” - Colm's Mam

Celebrate Mother's Day by bringing your own mam to Colm O'Regan's hit stand-up comedy show, Ireland's Got Mammies, in which he brings the world of the Irish Mammy to life in a unique and dotey (and clean!) way.
The comedian, author and broadcaster who hails from Dripsey, Co. Cork, has stood up and made people laugh all over the world. His two best-selling books sprang from his Twitter sensation @irishmammies, now with more than 100,000 followers, and introduced the world to the gentle wisdom of Irish Mammies.
Now Colm's made a complete SHOW of Mammy. His stand-up performance is packed with warm, funny observations that will sound strangely familiar to anyone who's ever had an Irish mam.
"Deadpan with hilarious consequences" - Irish Times
Treat you mam right by taking her for a meal in Ballymaloe House at 6pm, followed by the show. She'd be delighted with that. Dinner & ticket: €65. PRE-SHOW DINNER NOW SOLD OUT

Some of our favourite quotes from the show:

Oh so THAT's what a selfie is. I thought it was something else ENTIRELY.

Don't be spending a lot of money, D'YOU HEAR ME NOW? I'd be just as happy with a nice book.

TURN DOWN THAT MUSIC ... (if you could call it 'music')

Pull that hat down properly. Do you WANT to get an ear-ache?

Are you sure that wasn't you? It came up on the phone. "Missed call" it said.

You'll get another wear out of that.

I suppose there'll be drink at this 'gig'.

Haven't you enough gallivanting now for one week?

Were there QUEUES?! Ohdontbetalkingtome! You'd think the world was going to end in the morning.

Excuse me now … excuse me … what did I say? what did I s? … Yes … and what are you doing? … Messing. Exactly.

I've nothing only Rich Tea. They'll have to do ye.

Ah he's gone very wild. Since he started hanging around with That Crowd.

I suppose you saw about that Bieber fella. His poor mother.

So that's the new hairdo ... Come into the light till I have a look at you ... It's 'different'.

Oh that's all off. And no harm either. A bigger eejit I never saw.

Get up them stairs madam and change out of that. You're not going to mass looking like Miley Whatshername.



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30 Mar 2014