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Merry Christmas! 

The perfect Christmas present for the person with everything, tickets to a Ballymaloe Grainstore gig

Eadaoin Harding Kemp

22 Jul 2012

'Painting and drawing since early childhood, the act of making marks with pencil or colour has been an important part of my life.'

Éadaoin's painting are about the artists take on the world as she encounters it. Nature in its many aspects , colour, texture, lines, taking its shape in plants, birds, insects, bogs, sea,hills, lakes...

Meanwhile intertiors and still life have always been important subject matter looking out, looking in, inside and outside join together.

Using the childs gift to get past the photographic image, there is a total understanding of the subject matter which allows the viewer to enter into the world of memories and feelings

Event Details

22 Jul 2012