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Ducky Punch Yoga Retreat Jan 2018

05 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018
07 Jan 2018

Step Into 2018 Inspired & Energized - 5 / 6 / 7 January

Take a pause before launching into 2018 inspired and energised and treat yourself to a relaxing weekend at Ballymaloe. Take time to reflect, reset and reenergise for the year ahead.  This is a weekend of yoga accessible to everyone from beginner to expert Yogi.  Explore your yoga practice and the medicinal pwer of your breath and discover your strengths and enjoy the benefits of a deep rich transformative yoga practice. Carefully planned, thoughtfully sequenced to be accessible to everyone, this is a perfect immersive weekend to focus on you. 

Reflect, reset and reenergize yourself and move into 2018 with your cup overflowing.

This weekend offers you the time to slow down, breath deeply, relax and place your full attention on you.

Nap, walk, read, sip tea, enjoy new friend and nourish yourself with healthy flavor-filled foods set to the beautiful backdrop of Ballymaloe. 

What you can expect:  Four yoga sessions that integrate the classic Hatha yoga poses, myofascial release work, deep therapeutic poses, breath work and mediations and an intro to the world of Kundalini yoga. And lastly long cosy savasana  (deep relaxation) allowing your body to balance and integrate your practice...this is the most important and rewarding piece of the weekend. It's like a big long meaningful hug you give to yourself.

Reboot & Reenergize - 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 January 

This is a perfectly perfect time of the year to gift yourself the opportunity to re-set and re-charge and solidify your intention and direction for 2018 

Winter is hibernation time and can lead to a little stagnation and a lot more eating. This weekend is a time to focus and nourish yourself physically,mentally and emotionally through yoga practices designed specifically to stimulate digestion and detoxification. Couple that with morning green juice for liquid sustinance, hearty soups and broths, and delicious meals focused on rejuvenating you. It is not a "detox" weekend but it is an opportunity to give your body a break from foods and habits that leave you feeling heavy and stagnant. 

What you can expect? Explore your yoga practice and the medicinal power of your breath, discover your strengths and enjoy the benefits of a deep rich transformative yoga practice. Carefully planned classes and thoughtfully sequenced to be accessible to everyone combined with healthy hearty nourishing food that leaves you energized and light.  This 4 day retreat gives you enough time to switch off from daily life, relax, rest, stretch, laugh, enjoy the company of new friends or not, and put healthy dose of attention on a "You"

Give back to yourself, let your energy flow, feel lighter and recharged, so you can continue to give to others.  

Who is Ducky?

Ducky is certainly not your average yoga teacher, she describes herself as having ‘falling into it’ after a degree in biochemistry, a masters in neuroscience, and studying cranio-sacral therapy. She was working as a researcher on the genome project in San Francisco when she took her first yoga class. Ducky sees Yoga as very scientific and an important form of preventative medicine. Although now living in sunny Los Angeles, Ducky hails from neighbouring Glanmire and returns to Ireland frequently to host highly sought after Yoga retreats. 

Ducky describes her Yoga teaching as "a mix of Vinyasa flow, interwoven with Forrest Yoga principles and peppered with a little Kundalini Yoga, this retreat however is for everyone – beginners and experienced Yogi’s alike.  These wonderful retreats are for those who wish to explore the many different principals of yoga practices, for those looking for a relaxing, yet invigorating weekend away and a perfect introduction to yoga for those who have never practiced before.

After one of Ducky's weekend retreats we guarantee the benefits are rest, relaxation, a sense of ease and flexibility in body and mind and a freeing of our imagination and waking of our creative potential. 

For further information and to book please contact Bree on 021 475 7200

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05 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018
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