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Dubhaltach O Colmain - Exhibition

13 Dec 2013

Dubhaltach O Colmain is a West Cork based artist. He spent his childhood years living on the Great Blasket Island off the coast of Kerry where he grew to have a deep affinity with mythology and nature, a major influence to his art work, be it sculpture or drawing and painting. He uses a mix of recycled materials in his sculptural work and is exploring the emotive nature of mythology, its connection to contemporary life, perception and art.

“Wire is a good way to work with lines, it’s like line drawing but in 3 dimensions. Neacha: Beings shows the translation from wire to the medium of heavier steel and has created a new dynamic in the presence and personality of the art pieces.
Movement has always played a part of my sculptural work. I like to capture the poise in the middle of an animated movement. Any physical movement in the sculpture emphasizes this.
The subject need not be directly related to any specific mythology, I use it just to get a glimpse into the human psyche. The art is more about the subconscious and the way the mind works without language. It is an emotional response, an empathetic look into all that is human, into who we are inside.”

Event Details

13 Dec 2013