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DONOVAN - Solo Unplugged

28 Dec 2013

Solo, Unplugged
Saturday 28 December, 8pm
Ballymaloe Grainstore, Shanagarry, Co. Cork

Ballymaloe Grainstore is delighted to announce a concert by the legendary folk-rock-pop troubadour, Donovan, on Saturday 28 December at 8pm. His solo, unplugged performance will feature songs from his new album, Shadows of Blue, as well as classics such as Mellow Yellow, Sunshine Superman, Universal Soldier and Hurdy Gurdy Man.

Donovan is a pre-eminent member of British Rock Royalty, a 2012 inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and has been an enduring part of popular culture since his career began in 1965.

He helped transform the 1960s musical landscape from folk to psychedelic to pop and back again with a repertoire of remarkable masterpieces that continue to serve as a soundtrack to our lives. Through his knowledge of the divine art of meditation, Donovan has taken his music to a level that unites the inner world and the outer world, leaving a musical imprint on our DNA.

Early songs like Catch The Wind, Colours and his version of Buffy Sainte Marie’s protest anthem, Universal Soldier, helped launch his career. But from 1966 through 1969, Donovan scored a string of eleven Top 40 hits in a row, including Mellow Yellow, Sunshine Superman, Epistle To Dippy, There Is A Mountain, Wear Your Love Like Heaven, Hurdy Gurdy Man, Jennifer Juniper, Lalena, Atlantis, and Riki Tiki Tavi.

He was one of the few artists to collaborate on songs with The Beatles, contributing lyrics to Yellow Submarine. Donovan was also invited by The Beatles to join them at Abbey Road Studios for the final orchestral overdub session for the Lennon-McCartney collaboration, A Day in the Life, the grand finale of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

He influenced the guitar styles of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, which created the distinct roots style on The White Album and especially their songs Dear Prudence, Blackbird and While My Guitar Gently Weeps. George Harrison commented on The Beatles Anthology DVD, “Donovan is all over The White Album“.

In 1968, Donovan joined The Beatles on their famous trip to India and studied Transcendental Meditation alongside the band. Because of this, Donovan, along with the Beatles, is known for being chiefly responsible in bringing Transcendental Meditation and Eastern Mysticism into Western Culture.

To this day, Donovan and his wife Linda work closely with American filmmaker, television director, visual artist, David Lynch, heading up the musical wing of his organization, the David Lynch Foundation, to bring meditation to millions of students worldwide.

Donovan says of his musical roots: “As a kid in 1940’s Scotland I listened to my Irish-Scots family sing folk songs, though I didn’t know they were folk-songs then. Songs of oppression and rebellion, prison ships and forced migration, laments of lost love. My father would recite the poems of Robert Service, tales of The Yukon and the adventurers who went over to America in the 1800’s, taking the Irish-Scots music with them. Many settled in the rural south and helped create country music".

He was accepted by the country music world at the tender age of 18 when he was discovered in London by music publisher, Ralph Peer Jr., whose legendary father, Ralph Peer, had recorded The Carter Family and Jimmy Rodgers in the 1920s.

Donovan’s first single, Catch The Wind, was released on Hickory records in Nashville. He says, "I never forgot Nashville and I knew I would go back to Nashville one day with a set of songs I have kept in my back jeans pocket".

He kept that promise with the 2013 release of his latest album, Shadows of Blue, which he recorded in Nashville September 2012 and January and February of 2013.

Throughout his brilliant career, Donovan has shared the stage with many musical legends, including folk greats Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, John Sebastian and Bob Dylan, as well as rock guitarists Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck.

Donovan will be supported by Conna native, Nicole Maguire.

Ballymaloe Grainstore is honoured to have him on stage on Saturday 28 December. Tickets for Donovan are €25. Book on or 021-4651555. Pre-show dinner in Ballymaloe House (6pm) and ticket is €70. Subject to booking fee.

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28 Dec 2013